Parable Productions Trains Youths Through Movie Production

Youths truly needs the guidances of seniors to help them with the opportunity to utilize their talents.
( [email protected] ) Jun 24, 2005 09:02 AM EDT

New York's first Chinese gospel media productions "Parable Productions" held a recruiting event on the night of June 22nd. During the event, a dozen young actors gathered in interest. The first rehearsal will begin next week.

Parable Productions recruiter Rev. Billy Yip said that he believes there are many youths interested in movies. Although the ones who attended the event was not numerous, yet "this is a good beginning. I believe that when young people begin seeing our works, they will put their faith in us, and more will be willing to join us."

Parable Productions' six core member are teaming to write the play scripts. Currently, two stories were thought of, one is tentatively titled "A Seed of Grain," investigating the issue of acceptance in church, and the other story is tentatively titled "Treasure Hunt," centering on the issue of seniors living in Chinatown. Parable Productions are preparing "Treasure Hunt" as their first finished work. Rev. Yip commented, "This production's unique part is that the story inputs the various perspectives of seniors. During the course of the production, we have recruited many seniors in the making. If the movie is finished, many seniors would receive assistance, and secondly through the movie, youths will be inspired to hold movements to care for the seniors."

After recruiting the actors, Parable Productions next step would be to open a rehearsal ground and teach the basic training. Rev. Yip said that whether the actors have experience is not important, most important is having the will to learn and pass the training. Everyone's skills will receive definite improvement. Our philosophy is "learn and perform; perform and learn." We acknowledge that we cannot compare ourselves to professional actors, but we have the same faith: that if we can give our best, then what we produce will be worth watching.

The establishment of Parable Productions started when Rev. Yip was young as he received inspirations while serving the Lord. During his youth, he worked with others pioneering different ministries. Yet despite their efforts, none of their ministries lasted. "Recalling my youth experience, I realized how youths truly needs the guidances of seniors. Other than providing training, also it is to help them build the foundation to give them a chance to utilize their abilities. I always hoped to nurture the next generation, assisting them to success." Said Rev. Yip.

With this thought, during a conversation, Rev. Yip received the vision to nurture the next generation through movies. As the vision became clear, the more they came to understand the meaning to the pioneered ministry. "Youths are filled with creativity. They have the courage to attempt, and love to follow the mainstream culture. They are very sensitive to their generation, and if we can nurture them, we can build the ministry with different talents. Movie productions requires many talents, and also high level of cooperation and ethics; this is a very good method to train [the new generation]. Most importantly, technology have reduced the cost to produce movies and now allows even the average person to participate in making one. Right now is the perfect timing to pioneer movie ministries."

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