JNX and SOBEM Film in India Broadcasts Worldwide

Filmed by SOBEM, JNX ministry's trip to India in 2004 is broadcasting worldwide now till September 18.
( [email protected] ) Jul 22, 2005 01:06 PM EDT

Joyful Noise Xpress (jnX), a non-profit Christian music ministry based in the South San Francisco, made its usual trip to North East India in 2004 to teach and train the locals in Christian music and worship. Only this time, they were accompanied by Showers of Blessing Evangelistic Ministry (SOBEM) to be filmed and now, the film which features personal testimonies of local Christians and jnX members is broadcasting all over the world including USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and more.

Since their first trip to India, JNX has been fond of the people there and their culture and faith, "They're so innately talented in music that some of their tribal languages sound like singing when they talk. It was a perfect match for jnX to provide them with training in music and in worship to help them mature in their faith." Said Tim Chan, jnX's worship leader.

Since Indian culture places strong emphasis on Hinduism and other Indian religions, it is scornful for any man to have other faiths. Furthermore, the government is unsupportive of Christianity. On top of these persecutions from fellow countrymen, poverty and natural disasters are some of the daily issues the local believers have to face. Yet despite these unfavorable circumstances, Chan praised the Indian believers for their great faith and for rejoicing in God.

Regarding the broadcast, Chan commented, "I'm glad that SOBEM has been producing quality TV programs to tell of the testimonies of Christians around the world, and through their ministries, I'm glad that the world will finally know more about the neglected Christians of North East India."

The four-episode film features three themes. The first two episodes show Northeast Indians and their testimony of faith and experience as Christians in a developing world. It also featured a special story of Basapi, whose husband was killed during the Karbi-Kuki ethnic war, how she chose to forgive the killers and taught her daughter to do the same. The remaining episodes focus on the jnX ministry memories, including a special episode of Anthony Chan, founder of jnX, and Tim Chan reflecting on their passion in faith and service.

Details of the broadcast are available on jnX official site: www.jnx.org.