Founder of Chinese Christian Music Ministry Reflects After Fourth Album

Many Christian organizations use music as a form of spiritual expression. Some, within those organizations, have even given up their time and devoted their lives to serve God through their ministries.
( [email protected] ) Aug 20, 2005 06:33 AM EDT

Wendy Liu, the founder of Lamb Music and Ministries (LM), a web-based ministry, reflected on where God has taken her by recalling her ministry from the beginning to this point, where she is working for God full-time.

The intention of her website, when it was launched in 1998, was to provide resources for Chinese Christian worship leaders, who at the time, were searching for sheet music and new songs. However, Liu recalled that she received emails from lonely and depressed people who found her website "encouraging and uplifting." Liu said that they were "down in the spirit," but through her website they were able to "[see] the peace of God."

After many requests, LM released their first album in 1999, while currently, the fifth album is in production. Although, Liu finds that producing albums takes a lot of hard work, she feels that in order to share her music to a wider audience, it is essential to release an album. However, she commented on this and said, "When I see the fruits, they are worthwhile."

What is worthwhile about her ministry, Liu said, is hearing people sing her music and churches using her songs for worship. In addition, the music has touched the hearts of young children who have memorized her lyrics. She said, "The young children may not know what they're singing but they will understand God's word," when they grow up because "it will be placed in their hearts."

The ministry has, since, been blessed by friends, who promoted LM abroad. Currently, her music is widely known in Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, and the U.S., and LM will start distribution in Canada and Malaysia.

Her fourth album, which was released in April of this year, entitled "I do," focuses on surrendering to God in all areas of our lives. "Surrendering to God in whatever circumstance; surrendering to serve God and His kingdom; the whole album is about surrendering to God," she said.

After she quit her job as an engineer in 2002 to take on her ministry full-time, Liu told reporters at Gospel Post that, "I believe my calling is to raise up people to worship God," and to "teach them, what it means to worship God and how to get closer to Him through worship. The second part is that I believe my calling is to write praise and worship songs for the church to use."

As a child, Liu loved music and would imitate the songs that she heard, by playing them on her piano. Looking back, she is amazed at how placing her trust in God's calling would take her ministry this far.

"[Lamb Music] only followed God step by step," she said.