Taiwan CCM Artists, D&K Open Performance on North America Tour

San Jose, California - D&K, a contemporary worship music group from Taiwan, began their North America tour with the theme,
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San Jose, California - D&K, a contemporary worship music group from Taiwan, began their North America tour with the theme, "Finding Myself" at the Chinese Agape Vineyard Christian Fellowship on Sept 30.

D&K is a team of two people. D stands for Danny, and K stands for Kyle. Eight years ago, they worked together with Spring Rain Music Group, where Danny has been the lead singer, while Kyle was the guitar player. Until until four years ago, Kyle became the group's music director and since then they have brought their service around the world. While this in resting, D&K contemporary gospel music sprouted four years ago when a group of coworkers with the same passion established the GRProject website, where they would upload the songs that they have created onto the website for viewers to download.

Last Nov, D&K was invited to Hong Kong and Macau by ELIM to demonstrate using music and various media platform to proclaim the gospel. This Sept. D&K was invited by churches in Los Angeles and San Jose to perform using their music combined with their faith to share the gospel.

In last night's concert, in addition to just singing songs, D&K shared their life experiences of faith and the inspirations that helped them write the songs. Danny, who grew up in a violence-prone family, is very sensitive to any form of abuse, but he testified how the love of God has healed his wounds and gave him the peace that he has been searching for. He also testified how he found the image of a sinner in him through God's grace.

"When you do one good deed, how many points do you gain? When you curse at someone else, how many points do you lose? Sometimes, we only think that sinners are those who commit murders, robbery, and stealing, but when the light of the Lord shines upon us, we can see our uncleaness and sins so clearly," said Danny. "We are thankful to God for allowing us to see our sins, so that we may live holding on to his grace shown to us through Jesus Christ."

Kyle, who was a gang leader, has changed and is now fully devoted in leading people to God through music. Their creative performances and touching testimonies won them the hearts of the audiences. While performing the songs, Danny and Kyle, used examples from their lives and the word of God to describe the meaning of each song and the circumstances under which they were written. The songs that they performed were titled, "I Believe", "Amazing Grace", "Because of Love", "Lord I Need You", "I'm Not a Monkey."

Henry Chu, youth pastor of church, commented, "I have known Danny and Kyle for many year. Listening to their songs, we sense the pureness, passion, and simplicity, so we are grateful for their performance."

Towards the end of concert, they had altar calls. Then, Chu led the closing prayer. Just before event ended, the crowd chanted for more, "Encore, Encore!" D&K and the keyboardist responded by performing a creative and contemporary that won the hearts of the audience.

Kyle said after the event ended, "We wish to use contemporary Christian music to communicate with others around our age about the gospel."

D&K will continue their North America tour at River of Life Christian Church in Silicon Valley, San Jose on Oct 1.

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