Part II: Steve Curtis Chapman in Hong Kong

( [email protected] ) Dec 01, 2005 09:22 AM EST

Q. Christian music is quite new in Asian countries. What changes do you expect by bringing your music to Asia?

First of all, I hope that the message of God¡¦s love and the truth of God¡¦s love in the music that I write will find its way to the hearts of the people who hear it. At that point, that¡¦s all sort of up to God. But, that¡¦s my first prayer and hope. If I just give people my music, maybe that will last a few months and years. Music will be forgotten, but the truth is eternal. So my hope is to share eternal truth through the music, that will be amazing. Secondly, I hope that the music gives me an opportunity- that some government officials friends of mine in the Chinese Government gave me- to speak about adoption to the people in China, and to share the miracle that it has been for us. There are many children in orphanages in China, and there¡¦s a great need there, there¡¦s a great opportunity there for those children to be placed in homes¡K Now China is working towards getting them out of the institutions and getting them into homes. All of them will not become adopted by families like mine, obviously. There are far too many. But, I¡¦m going to keep telling my story, and hopefully more and more children will get adopted. Also, my hope is for these children to be placed in homes, maybe even Foster homes in China- that¡¦s beginning to happen. Also, adoption is beginning to happen in China. These children are being placed in homes. And every time adoption happens, in James 1:27 in the bible, it says ¡§as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans¡¨ (NIV). I believe any time orphans are taken care of, God is pleased. And I think that by doing that more and more, there will be a blessing that comes from that, even in China and in Hong Kong. Third, there are so many [Christian] recording artists and musicians in America, and I hope by coming here, I can make a way for other artists to come and bring the message and music to other countries, by coming to countries like China, Hong Kong. I think that can be used in a very powerful way.

How will American Christian artists prepare to proclaim the Word of God to countries in Asia?

I think first of all, we must pray for the brothers and sisters in Asia, who have been given the gift that they have been given, expressing the love of God through music. I think they can help by coming. Hopefully, I can be an encouragement to artists that are here, who are writing songs. God¡¦s giving them songs - amazing songs that I am hearing. I hope that I can be an encouragement. Somewhere in the future, I hope to start a recording studio, even a school. Bring artists from UK, artists from America, and hopefully pass that on. Click here to view Part 1 of the interview.