Chinese Christians Provide English Tutoring with a Purpose

Chinese Christian organizations and churches serve the Chinese immigrant community by helping them with the essentials of surviving in a new environment as one way to reach out and proclaim the gospel
( [email protected] ) Aug 12, 2005 12:52 PM EDT

For many generations, Chinese Christian organizations and churches have reached out to the Chinese immigrant community by teaching them basic English skills that will help them adapt to a new environment.

The Chinese Christian Mission (CCM) provides classes where immigrants can come and learn basic skills. Through educating the immigrants in making telephone calls and reservations and, also, providing a naturalization class for those who want to become citizens, they teach immigrants how to assimilate into a new life.

The purpose of the English classes is, not only to provide new arrivals with access into the English realm of survival, but to share the gospel.

Similarly, many Chinese Christian churches provide courses on teaching immigrants the basic principles of being independent through basic English. One includes the Chinese Independent Bible Church (CIBC) in Oakland, who tutors immigrants.

Enrica Wong who is part of the administration at CIBC said that these classes aim towards informing immigrants on necessities related to finding work.

CIBC has been providing these type of services for many years and have different levels of English training to accommodate the level of English for each individual immigrant.

Their approach on sharing the gospel is through something they call the Gospel Café where they invite the students to hear their testimonies over a bite to eat, or other invitations include watching a movie or inviting them to join in church activities.

Over the years, English training has proven an effective method in sharing the gospel to the Chinese immigrant community who have yet to hear the gospel by showing them the meaning of how the church serves based on what the gospel says, Wong commented.