Historical Review on Christian Movement in China Part 2 will Release this Fall

Christianity in China has grown rampantly since the 1800s when missionaries traveled to China to introduce the gospel, however, nowadays, there are a few people who know about the educational resource
( [email protected] ) Aug 16, 2005 12:31 PM EDT

In this coming fall, the Chinese School of World Missions (CSWM), a research institute that broadcasts gospel messages throughout the orient and Los Angeles, will release their second set of compact discs entitled, A Historical Review of the Christian Movement in China.

Dr. James Tai, a professor at the Chinese for Christ seminary in Monterey, who primarily worked on this project, stated that there are a few people who know about the history of Christianity in China, and he added that it was important for "Chinese Christians everywhere to know about their history" which is "beneficial to [their] spiritual growth."

The purpose of releasing this documentary, Tai said, is to educate the Chinese Christians about the battle that the missionaries endured when they preached the gospel in China.

Furthermore, he said that missionaries are important because they spread the gospel of eternal life, and therefore, it's important to acknowledge the suffering that they faced.

Up to this point, the first set of CDs, which chronicled 35 years of Chinese Christian history, has sold to over 600 Chinese Christians who found them, "spiritually uplifting.

Tai's hope is that these sets of CDs will gain a larger audience which, will in turn, spread into China.

"There are many Christians in China and they need to know about their Christian heritage," Tai said.

The first set started with Robert Morrison, a missionary from England who brought the gospel to China in 1807, to the Opium Wars. In the second set, it will highlight Hudson Taylor, who took missionaries to inland China to preach the gospel, to the Chinese intellectuals accepting Christ.

The CDs are in Mandarin, but they are hoping with more audience appeal that they will be able to release the CDs in Cantonese and English.