Integrity Media Signs Deal with Innovative Digital Christian Music Store

( [email protected] ) Jan 19, 2007 02:44 PM EST

Integrity Media Inc. recently signed a deal to provide songs to newly starting digital music store faithMP3.

The online media retailer was recently revealed several weeks ago by PassAlong Networks, a Tennessee-based web business.

faithMP3, which is currently in a trial phase, will sell mp3s which will work for almost all digital music players including iPods and mp3-enabled cell phones. The emergence of this company comes at an advantageous time as the market for digital media has increased drastically over the last year.

Worldwide, sales doubled in 2006 for digital music sales. Around $2 billion, accounting for about 10 percent of all sales, was made by the music industry. The Christian market hopes to tap into this increasing trend.

As part of faithMP3’s sales, PassAlong Networks has developed a new system of downloading called freedomMP3. With the format, purchased digital files cannot be shared peer-to-peer over the web or reproduced in mass quantities. This ensures that the artist’s rights will be protected.

Scott Hughes, co-founder of PassAlong, explained in a statement, “The DRM (Digital Rights Management) dilemma is causing consumer confusion and inhibiting the growth of the online music industry.”

“FreedomMP3 allows music stores like faithMP3 to achieve interoperability without using restrictive DRM technologies,” added Hughes.

According to the deal made with PassAlong, Integrity Media will provide several hundred songs to be sold. Each song can be bought for $1; an album costs $10.

Based on the success of faithMP3, Integrity Media may expand their selection of available downloads.