Gospel Operation Int'l Shares Vision to Reach Out to Chinese in Latin America

Rev Chan expressed his great hope to pioneer this land and reach out to the Chinese people amid the 10th anniversary of GOINTL.
( [email protected] ) Aug 24, 2005 07:08 AM EDT

The Gospel Operation International for Chinese Christians (GOINTL) based in the United States celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The General Director Rev Cyrus Chan shared the organization’s vision to reach out to the Chinese in Latin America, according to the latest newsletter in August.

Over the last ten years, the GOINTL has been sending out missionaries to plant Chinese churches in mid-west America and other Asian countries such as China, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Saipan, Myanmar among others.

The Director of Latin America Ministry of GOINTL Rev Johnny Loh and his wife Karen were sent to Mexico for short-term mission since 2003. As they started the pioneering mission with evangelism, bible study classes, English and computer classes, now a small group of new believers gather for small-scale worship service.

Through the cooperation of local partner churches, the fruit is becoming more visible in this mission field and it is the time to plant new churches, GOINTL General Director Rev Cyrus Lam said.

In addition, apart from Mexico, Rev Lam explained there has been a significant growth of Chinese immigrants to some other 30 countries in Latin America in the last few decades, especially in Peru and Brazil. Therefore, it is a golden opportunity to set up new Chinese churches to serve these people. Most of these countries use Spanish as the major language, while some others speak Portuguese, French, English or Dutch.

Rev Lam revealed some figures regarding the number of Christians among the Chinese population in each of the Latin American countries and the corresponding number of existing Chinese churches.

Peru has the highest Chinese population (400,000) among all the other Latin American countries, but there are just four Chinese churches. The Chinese population in Brazil is half of that in Peru and ranked the second. Brazil has 37 Chinese churches, which is the highest, and one Chinese Christian seminary. However, only 1.15% of the Chinese are Christians.

Overall speaking, 1.05 millions of Chinese are living in 26 countries in Latin America. The percentage of Christians is just around 0.5 with 93 Chinese Christian churches.

Rev Lam expressed his great hope to pioneer this land and reach out to the Chinese people amid the 10th anniversary of GOINTL. GOINTL prays that it can partner with at least 10 local churches to launch a massive church-planting and evangelism project in 10 countries in Latin America, so as to expand God’s Kingdom.

The international headquarters of GOINTL is located in San Bruno City, California, near the San Francisco International Airport. It exists to educate, mobilize the Chinese churches in missions, to recruit and send Chinese missionaries to different parts of the world where the gospel has not been reached. It has offices located in Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and Philippines.