Chinese Outreach Through Seminar on the Culture Clash in China

Chinese Outreach will reach out to the "non-church" community on Sept 17-18 through their seminar on the culture clash in China.
( [email protected] ) Sep 06, 2005 09:27 PM EDT

The two large venues, Chinese Evangelical Free Church in Los Angeles, CA, and Rosemead High School in Rosemead, CA, will be the outreaching grounds for the "non-church" community on Sept 17-18.

Chinese Outreach (CO), an organization with the mission of sharing the gospel of Christ through the mass media, is the main sponsor of the event and have asked Dr. Thomas Yin-Shing Leung, a Christian philosopher, to give a seminar on the culture clash within China today.

Julie Cheng, the coordinator of the program at Chinese Outreach, said that the reason why they chose to hold the seminar at a high school was so that they can gather a large number of people to an environment that would be "comfortable for them."

"The vision that we have from the Lord is to be friends with nonbelievers first in order to cultivate the soil so that they can harvest."

In addition, the seminar will be beneficial for brothers and sisters in church, but with all outreaching programs, the focus will be placed on whether they can bring their "non-church" friends.

Cheng said according to statistics 5% of the Chinese in the world go to church, but the other 95% are "non-church," meaning they don't include themselves within church activities.

Therefore, she emphasized that holding seminars that are appealing to nonbelievers would allow an opening for Christians to bring their friends to hear a Christian speaker talk about a topic that is not Christian-oriented but will include a Christian aspect.

Furthermore, CO chooses to hold their events outside of church so that they can reach out to people who find the church atmosphere uncomfortable, but through outreaching programs, she said, nonbelievers can gather and hear about Christian values and Christian issues.

"That's how we do it, we outreach," she said.

For those who are willing, CO will ask participants to leave their contacts for a "follow-up" on how they're doing.

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