Vietnamese Government Burns Ten Homes of Tribal Christians as Persecution Still Persists

International Christian Concern (ICC) recently received reports that the Vietnamese government burned ten homes of tribal Christians.
( [email protected] ) Sep 09, 2005 11:14 PM EDT

Recently, the Washington, D.C. based human rights group, International Christian Concern (ICC), an organization that raises persecution awareness in the U.S., received reports that the Vietnamese government burned more than ten homes in Vietnam.

The home of ten Hre tribal Christians in Suoi Rut hamlet, Doi Sau village, and Quang Ngai province were destroyed because they refused to deny their faith, while the families who were affected were forced to leave their village on July 21 and are now finding a new place to live.

The victims belonged to the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (ECVN), which has recognition from the government. Meanwhile, local Communist officials in Son Thuong village, Quang Hgai province publicly stated that "the Christian religion is America's religion, and is not allowed here," ICC reported.

In addition, one of the pastors in the Hre tribe released this statement to ICC about what happened:

"On Sunday, August 21, 2005 at 8:00 A.M., Mr. Dinh van Hoanh, police chief of Son Thuong village and his assistant, Mr. Thai Mai Quan, came to Mr. Dinh van Hoang's house and said: 'We do not allow any Christians to live here. If you want to stay you must sign this paper to declare that you and your family are renouncing your faith'.

Mr. Hoang refused to do so. The police chief then called numerous officials, including Mr. Dinh van Xoa, hamlet chief, and Mr. Dinh van Hoach, his assistant, to come and destroy Hoang's house.

They then told Mr. Hoang that if he recanted his faith, they would rebuild his house. Mr. Hoang again refused, and the authorities then destroyed his animal pens."

Last year, Vietnam was blacklisted as a country of "particular concern" in the U.S. State Department. If a country is under this list, the State Department can then, benchmark the country and request that they make improvements within six months.

However, ICC reported that the State Department was assured by the Vietnamese government that they have changed their behavior, but according to this past spring, persecution of tribal Christians still persists.