Gospel Operation Intl Celebrates 10th Anniversary in Hong Kong

On the night of September 9, the Chinese Gospel International 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Dinner Celebration was held at Yao Ma Te, Hong Kong.
( [email protected] ) Sep 10, 2005 05:22 PM EDT

On the night of September 9, the Chinese Gospel International 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Dinner Celebration was held at Yao Ma Te, Hong Kong. Gospel Operation missionaries gathered from different places. Rev. Cyrus Lam, GO international general director, led the celebration in recapping GO International's 10 years of history and declared the vision of GO in mission field and future expansion goals.

Lam told Gospel Post reporters, "I hope Hong Kong can become an important mission base, where missionaries can better serve the community, and proclaim the gospel." He commented on the night's theme, "In the era of globalizing, the role of Hong Kong becoming a networking center is very important. I hope Hong Kong can follow the guidance of God to open new paths and allow more Chinese to go out."

A question was posed for him on how successful is Hong Kong Gospel Operation, Rev. Cyrus Lam immediately replied, "Hong Kong has sent out many missionaries, so they play a very important role."

Once the 10th Anniversary celebration began, the missionaries together sang praise songs and watched a film introducing GO Intl ministry. In the film, Rev. Mark K. Cheng, 1st international general director, emphasized that missionaries needs to have "eyes that look at the Lord, heart that leans towards the Lord and looking at the needs of mission field." He further elaborated on the vision of GO, which is to follow the footsteps of western missionaries and bring the gospel back to Jerusalem.

The film showed the situation of Christianity in South America, Korea, Israel, world of Buddhist and Muslims, and the urgent need of the gospel in China.

Following the film, Rev. Lam and Dr. John Chang, USA Gospel Operations International headquarters each delivered a message.

Lam shared a message titled, "Gospel Operation 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Looking Critically and Facing the Challenges and Burdens of Bringing the Gospel Back to Jerusalem." He gave thanks in the development that GO experienced in the past 10 years. In 10 years, the staff expanded from 7 people to 21 people, from no missionaries to the now 30 missionaries, from a small team to a team of 101 people, and they also saw the work of God in the financial aspects.

"What's so great about Gospel Operation? But in the Great Commission, we are willing to co-work with the Lord," said Lam. "We are not uplifting the ministry but the Lord and His work."

Lam stimulated every missionary by describing the situation of China missions. Building Chinese Churches is not GO's final goal, but it is to motivate the Chinese Churches in the world to preach the gospel to the natives, so the gospel can be proclaimed to everyone. How will it be accomplished? He said the "Movement of Back to Jerusalem" may be the biggest evangelism movement before the coming of the Lord. In China, many denominations are willing to sent missionaries to reach the Muslims."

Besides this, he also said China maybe the world's biggest strength in missions. If Chinese from Hong Kong and overseas can unite with churches in China, and moves the gospel movement, then it wouldn't be difficult to make China into an Evangelism country.

Dr. John Chang also shared a message titled "The Opportunities of Chinese Churches Participating in Evangelism and Mission when Global Economy is Coming Together", which explores the challenges and conflicts of Chinese churches in this era of globalization.

Chang said globalization has become an unchanging trend but emphasized that Asia is playing an ever-increasing important role. In exception that the distance is becoming shorter, this trend deeply influences and enhances missions with the increasing resources and knowledge of other regions. This allows the ministry to have much more effective care towards the missionaries, and promotes exchange of information on mission experiences between different regions.

Lam expressed, with the effects of globalization, the ministry's structure will have a substantial change.

He concluded saying, "We absolutely holds that Jesus as our Lord, no selfishness, and we whole-heartedly devote to the gospel."

Gospel Operation started in 1995, where a group of pastors, Mark K. Cheng, Joseph Wong, Margaret Wong, Cyrus Lam, Pearl Lam, Stephen Ho, Jenny Ho, and Betty Chou decided to preach the gospel to the un-reached people groups of the world, both Chinese and non-Chinese.

Gospel Operation International has now a team of over 50 dedicated workers with ministries in fourteen different regions of the world. Their ministries include Evangelism and Church Planting, Mission Mobilization and Recruitment, Mission Literature, Mission Field Development, and the fields presently include Brazil, Chile, Peru, Puerto Rico, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Saipan Island, and Midwest.