Hurricane Relief Committee Provides Assitance for Rebuilding Efforts

Chinese Christians in Texas are organizing a relief committee for the purpose of rebuilding Chinese Christian churches that were damaged to helping low-income evacuees.
( [email protected] ) Sep 20, 2005 03:50 PM EDT

Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast several weeks ago, which not only affected residents, but churches within the United States who have taken it upon themselves to help in any way they can.

On Sept 15, $5,000 was allocated for displaced students and low-income evacuees, by the Houston Chinese Christian Ministerial Relief Committee (HCCMRC).

An emergency meeting was held on Friday, Sept 2, by the Houston Chinese Christian Ministerial Fellowship (HCCMF) to discuss how Chinese churches and organizations can help the Katrina victims.

The HCCMRC was established, with the leadership of Rev. Peter Leong, pastor of the Southwest Chinese Baptist Church, Ms. Mary Chiang, from the Light and Salt Association, Ms. Lillian Chen, from Christian Communication Inc., and Rev. James Hwang, pastor of the Clear Lake Chinese Church.

They organized an information night at Fort Bend Community Church, serving food to 58 evacuees, while providing information on insurance, health, FEMA, the Red Cross and other resources.

Other assistance they provided was emotional and spiritual support and two hotlines for Mandarin and Cantonese evacuees.

Churches opened their doors and motels were rented to provide shelter.

Chinese churches were also encouraged to participate in the relief effort through donations. They stated that half of the proceeds will be spent, rebuilding churches and homes of Christians in New Orleans, while the other half will be donated to the cause as a whole.

The New Orleans Chinese Baptist Church and the Formosa Church of New Orleans will provide further understanding for Chinese churches who want to help.

Meanwhile, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has halted his plan to reopen a large part of the city to residents in light of Hurricane Rita that is approaching the Gulf Coast according to the Associated Post.

On Saturday, the Chinese churches prayed with President Bush on the National Day of Prayer, praying for comfort, revival, wisdom, healing, "that the situation will not worsen," and "humbling ourselves before the Lord."

If you want to send a donation, make it payable to:

Light and Salt Association

Marked - HCCHRF or Katrina Hurricane Relief Fund

Attn: Ms. Mary Chiang

6901 Corporate Dr., Suite 103

Houston, Tx 77036