African Mission News: Violence on the Ivory Coast

Jan 28, 2003 06:34 PM EST

Ivory Coast -- Violence strikes the heart of the Ivory Coast as the upheavals and unrest continues on. The fighting, which began four months ago, forced the evacuation of the International Christian Academy in Bouake.

Dr. Paul Jackson from the Evangelical Baptist Mission says, "I think there is a general sense by everyone that we are praying for the peace process to continue, and for the campus to return to the Ivory Coast; but, I think they're looking at a point here where they're going to have to have some kind of direction as to what they're going to do for 2003."

Jackson explains their need as it relates to their ministry. "We're just really praying specifically, that God would return peace to this land that will allow this wonderful campus, with the facilities that God has given, to be able to be reopened up and used again in Bouake."

By Pauline C.