Asia Mission Report: India and Middle East

Jan 28, 2003 06:35 PM EST

India -- Mission India of Grand Rapids Michigan reports the shooting of their program’s participants over the weekend.

Mission India’s Dave DeGroot said, "Armed police were patrolling the area, looking for extremists, and they opened fire on a group of people. The count was 15; many of these people were in Mission India's literacy classes."

DeGroot claimed that the incident was not due to persecution, but mistaken identity. "This is a case of mistaken identity. This is not, from everything we've heard, this is not another case of ongoing persecution." Agency President John DeVries is calling it a tragic accident. Christians are urged to pray for safety for believers there, as they share the Gospel in this troubled country.

Middle East -- The Sat-7 Christian satellite television system for the Middle East and North Africa reports that a 75 year old man was brought into faith by a vision he received as he sat below a tree. His vision was of a cross hanging in the sky, with an audible voice that told him to find the New Testament. Three years later, when he found a bible, he read it and became a Christian. Sat –7 and other Christian Organizations provide service to the believers in the Middle East.

By Pauline C.