GOI New HQ Office to Mobilize Bay Area Churches for World Missions

SAN FRANCISCO- After almost half a year of preparation, the Gospel Operation International for Chinese Christians (GOI) has opened its new mission building with the hope to be used better by God for t
( [email protected] ) May 31, 2006 07:50 PM EDT

SAN FRANCISCO- After almost half a year of preparation, the Gospel Operation International for Chinese Christians (GOI) has opened its new mission building with the hope to be used better by God for the Great Commission and to glory His name.

On June 10, the GOI mission building, which also serves as the international headquarters office, will be formally dedicated. Located at 411 Airport Boulevard, Burlingame, Calif., it enjoys a better geographical advantage so as to reach out to more Chinese churches in San Francisco Bay Area.

Starting at 2 p.m., the ceremony begins with a ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by a dedication service and words of encouragement by some Christian leaders or pastors from the Bay Area. GOI will also prepare some activities surrounding the theme of world missions. All church leaders from the Bay Area, regular donors of GOI, and other leading Christian leaders from all over the U.S. are invited. Rev. Mark Kor Cheng will deliver the sermon while chairman of Great Commission Center International (GCCI) Rev. Thomas Wang will give the benediction.

"The aim of expanding the headquarter office is not for the benefit of GOI itself. Through the new mission building, we wish to do more work for God and to reinforce our cooperation with Bay Area churches and organizations in terms of world missions," Betty Chou, one of the officers at the headquarter office and a missionary, explained.

Through the dedication ceremony, GOI wishes to testify God’s abundant blessings over the ministry to all the churches in the Bay Area. The new building is a great gift from God, Chou reiterated. Speaking of the services provided to churches and organizations, Chou suggested that the well-equipped library/resources center offers free information about world missions for church leaders and other organizations may also rent some spaces for hosting Christian activities.

"We want to testify that it’s by the blessing of God that we can have this new mission building. Through this place, we pray that many more missionaries will be sent to the world, and most importantly, to glory God’s name," Chou said.

GOI, positioned at the forefront of the spiritual warfare, is an expert of first-hand mission report and trend around the world. It will then convey the vision with many churches, to find the chosen and passionate servants for the Lord and to dispatch them to the mission field.

GOI is a mission organization specialized in mobilization and sending of Chinese missionaries to different parts of the world. Currently, it is working in over 10 countries with branch offices set up in 8 countries, including the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia and Taiwan. It is committed to support churches and other Christian organizations in terms of training and mobilizing for world missions since it is founded in California in 1995.

Chou shared the prayer request of GOI: "We pray that GOI would lift up the name of the Lord to the highest place and become a great instrument for God. Just as our motto says, ‘Run towards our kinsmen; Step through all places in the world,’ from same culture to cross-culture, we wish to evangelize Chinese brothers first and to mobilize them for world missions. Through the Chinese, people of all nations are to be brought to Christ,

"We also pray that we will not rely on humanistic power or worldly wisdom, but we wish to be used according to the will of God. May God protect us, in this evil era of the end times, we wish to endure till the end to fulfill the Great Commission," Chou continued.

In this coming week, GOI will host a three-week preview orientation for new missionaries. This time, 9 new missionaries will be dispatched after the training.