Asia Mission Report: North Korean Famine and the South Asian Seed Company

Jan 29, 2003 04:03 PM EST

North Korea -- Tensions over the North Korean nuclear arms program lead many to hunger in the communist nation. The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee reports millions suffering from malnutrition. Kristin VanderBerg of the CRWRC notes, "Without further food shipments the health of people, especially children, would be put at serious risk. At the same time the currently political situation in North Korea is hindering the amount of aid that North Korea can receive. Countries are unwilling to get involved right now." VanderBerg fears U.S. hostilities towards North Korea may change the level of involvement for mission teams currently in the nation. "If the U-S does decide to take action against North Korea, whether that be sanctions or sending in military personnel, that would impact and affect our ability to be involved."

South Asia -- The Seed Company hosts 50 bible translation teams this week for an annual conference in an undisclosed south Asian nation. Parke Brown of TSC notes prudence as a way of life for the missionaries involved in ministry at hostile countries. He believes seeing other translation staff encourages those assigned to cross-cultural translation projects. "It's a real encouragement to many of these Bible translators who are often very separated and very isolated in these communities they are in and don't have the encouragement this conference will be refreshed a little bit on their vision for Bible translation and work among the people there." Brown adds security issues often play a part in how quickly their work reaches completion in South Asia. That said, "...if anyone was interested in particular for our project in south Asia, we have a number of new projects that are starting up that need both prayer and support."

By Pauline C.