GOI New Mission Building Dedicated

( [email protected] ) Jun 11, 2006 10:43 AM EDT

SAN FRANCISCO- The international headquarters of the Gospel Operation International for Chinese Christians (GOI) has dedicated Saturday under the witness of over a hundred Chinese Christian leaders from Bay Area churches and organizations.

The dedication is blessed by the presence of honorable guests such as Rev. Thomas Wang, chairman of the Great Commission Center International (GCCI) as well as Rev. Mark Kor Cheng, founder and chairman of the international board of directors of GOI.

Director of GOI Rev. Jeff Chen, international general secretary Rev. Cyrus Lam and Cheng have hosted the ribbon-cutting ceremony. International vice general secretary Dr. John K. Chang delivered the welcoming speech, stating that the mission building is not just for GOI, but it is also a mission base for Chinese Christians worldwide to fulfill the Great Commission the Lord has entrusted to His people.

Over the last 10 years of history of GOI, the organization has been guided and developed under the blessings of God, GOI leaders testified. Rev. Mark Kor Cheng, founder of GOI, shared with the theme "The LORD Will Provide". 45 years ago in the Philippines, Cheng has first started the Chinese world mission when none of the Chinese churches had done it. In a 500-member church, 50 missionaries were dispatched. This proves that world mission is not only possible in the Western churches. By God’s providence, the support of churches and believers and prayers of many Christians, the mission organization has finally set up. GOI staff expressed gratitude and praise to the "The LORD Will Provide" miracle the Lord has showed them.

At the beginning of GOI, Rev. Cyrus Lam said, they could only use the living room of the first GOI chairman as their office. The new mission building is truly the grace of God. The building is not only the headquarters of GOI, but it is the world mission resources center, training center and world mission dispatchment base for Bay Area Chinese churches.

Rev. Jeff Chen offered a prayer of dedication for the new mission building. He prayed that the place will be used as the home of Mark and the Antioch Church recorded in the Bible. Rev. Thomas Wang exhorted Christian leaders not only look to explore the unreached land, but they must also re-evangelize the Western countries that are moving further away from God.

Located at the Airport Boulevard, the first floor of the mission building is used as a world mission resources center while the second floor is the administration office of GOI. All churches may use the center to hold Christian events. Every three months, a prayer meeting for world mission is to be held at the center, all Christians are welcomed.

[Editor's note: Christina Song has contributed to this article]