Book of Hope Reaches out to Abused Children in Cambodia

Jan 31, 2003 05:32 PM EST

Cambodia -- Child sexual abuse is common in Cambodia but Book of Hope Ministries is reaching out to the afflicted. Rob Hoskins describes the abuse and their plan to help. "They're estimating that upwards of 60-percent of the children in Cambodia have been exposed to child prostitution. So, in this abused country we're really hoping to work with the education system to provide God's word. And, that is being translated this year and by fall of this year we're hoping to distribute 150,000 Books of Hope in the public school system."For the Books to be distributed the ministry is trying to raise enough money. "It costs us 33-cents to get one of these copies of the Khmer Book of Hope in to the schools. So, every dollar that someone gave would reach 3 kids. So, we're needing a total of $50,000 for this year." Pray that God will provide the funds needed to help proclaim Christ to these souls.

By Mike Moon