Popular Author Claims that the Name Father Best Explains God

Nov 05, 2002 03:00 AM EST

WAKE FOREST, N.C.—Mary Kassian, a popular author and president of Alabaster Flask Ministries in Edmonton Alberta, claimed in a seminary conference of Oct. 24 that “Father” is the Christian name for God. She announced that the Fatherhood of God acts as a balm for Christians who has had broken relationships with their physical father.

Kassian attended the Women’s Fellowship Day at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest as the featured speaker because of her stance on the biblical view of manhood and womanhood. A firm critic of the Christian feminist movement, Kassian published seven books outlining the danger of the feminist theology.

Kassian charged the inability of the men in this “fatherless generation” to fill his role has lead to the contemporary attacks on the image of God as Father. Feminists claim this viewpoint as patriarchal and demeaning. However, Kassian argues that though relationships with the earthy father is important for both males and females, broken relationships do not diminish the perfectibility of God.

"It's astonishing that the God of the universe would have us call him Father," she said. "Father is not an abstract term. Father indicates a personal being."

Since God the Father functions as the standard of stability and comfort, the most significant name in of God in the Bible must be father, according to Kassian.

"Father is the Christian name for God," she said. "God is not merely like a Father; he is Father. We glean out meaning of fatherhood from him."

As Jesus opened up through the gospel, the era of the son, He perfectly revealed to us the relationship of the Father and the Son. His atoning sacrifice on the cross opened the possibility of gaining a personal relationship with God the Father for sinful humans.

"Jesus' relationship with God demonstrates the power and love of God," Kassian said. "When Jesus was on earth, his whole message was this: Come and meet my dad. Through me, he can be your dad, too.”

In addition to her claim, Kassian insisted that all men have a “Father longing” within their heart. The need for security, comfort, support and love, all reflect this universal yearning.

"When we become Christians, that dream becomes reality," she said. "Your heart longing will only be satisfied in loving relationship with him."

Though physical fathers may have marred the father-son relationship, Kassian concluded that gaining the father – son relationship with our spiritual Father God is most fulfilling.

By Ji Eun Chang