On Homosexual Marriage

The Christian perspective is the solution to the problem.
Feb 22, 2004 05:56 AM EST

“Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders” [1 Corinthians 6:9]

As the media begins to incite the population across the nation with ceaseless propaganda, the United States of America is now engaged in a historical warfare of human morale against homosexual marriage, which will decide the fate of this country as either being a source of amplified destructive ramifications or a nation of authority to send out a clear message to the world, "it's time for this to end."

The city of San Francisco and its opportune mayor Gavin Newsom dare to challenge the holy sanctioned marriage designed by God and is now charged with engendering sin against the law of creation.

At least in the community of believers of Christ, Christians must readily embrace an uncompromising stance to preserve the holy matrimony that has existed since the first union of Adam and Eve. In the moments before the fall of the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot was advised never to look back (Genesis 19:17).

Conclusively, the city of Sodom and Gomorrah and its infatuation with sin was obliterated. Judgment prevailed over sin.

What is this war about? The war is waged against the sin of mankind, not against the creation of God. In the Christian soteriology, every man repents for his sins and through the grace of God he is forgiven. There is no exception.

Many claim homosexuality is an intrinsic characteristic. The believers of Genesis 1:1 must deny such theories. The physiology of humans reveals that man was created with sex organs that were designed to accommodate females. Astronomy, ‘-nomy’ is a Latin suffix which means ‘arrangement’. The roots of English language shows a vestige of the observation of Copernican scientists that is archaic yet frank. Countless number of pioneering experimental intellectuals relied upon such empirical analyses; proponents of concrete substantiation of ideas have propelled the human development afar.

The point is that an honest observation of the physical world is a sufficiently cogent evidence to attest to an existence of a designer’s plan and His will.

Symmetry, which means a relationship of characteristic correspondence or equivalence is found in everyday nature. Now deceased former Caltech professor and renown Nobel Laureate, Richard Feinmann stated, “Man is fascinated by symmetry.” Entities in nature form a harmonious relationship at all levels. The recent scare of mad-cow disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) showed a fatal repercussion of hampering with the delicate structure of the food chain.

Man and animals are constituents of creation of God yet are wholly distinct beings whose typological behaviors cannot be applied for a logical substitution. It is true that animals engage in homosexual behaviors but some also feed on its own which is one of many evidences that give rise to inconsistencies. In addition, the complexities of anthropological behavior fail to be sufficiently explained by animals to conclude a rationally sound statement that “animals do it and so do we”.

In the recently published paper, Christianity Weekly Vol. 1 page 7 includes an article entitled, “Homosexual Behavior Seen More Commonly in High Schools” which claims that studies show the environment and the social interactions contribute heavily to mass confusion of high school students regarding their sexual behaviors.

Representatives of Campaign for California Families and Liberty Counsel involved in the current landmark case of CCF vs. San Francisco County argues on two major points. First is the legal issue with which the attorneys are charging Mayor Gavin Newsom of propagating dangerous messages across land and beyond borders by infringing the law and undermining the voice of 4.6 million Californians who support proposition 22. The second allegation made is a destruction of social orders, one which strikes at the fundamental unit of a community, families.

Regarding the former issue, the executive director of CCF, Randy Thomasson has pounded in a point during a subsequent press conference on February 20 in the San Francisco County Supreme court by declaring, “the 14th amendment - those who are promoting the counterfeit marriage is only talking about first two words: 'equal protection', without the next three 'under the law'. It respects the existing law, not new laws. You can marry anyone you want, as long as you both want to get married, you are of age, you are not closely related, and you are of opposite sex."

The latter point can be elegantly resolved by referring to a literature written in Mere Christanity by C.S. Lewis. He explains that the physical laws and the ethical laws co-exist but are mutually exclusive. Physical laws govern the universe in which all matters are inherently bound to follow the laws since such precepts were rationalized by the intelligentsia after studying concrete instantiations. Ethical code of conducts and laws were instilled in man by the creator and more importantly, man has a choice to either falter away from the Word or to abide by it.

So then, what is the American viewpoint of ethical value and human morale? 159 million Americans, or 76.5% of the national population identify themselves as Christian. American Christians with ignorant or false perception of Christianity must rectify their viewpoints and the ones who remain silent must reverberate the lost voices of the country’s founding forefathers. Beyond the narrow scope of coverage of the 14th amendment and the clause ‘equal opportunity under the law’ the American citizens must adhere to the daily-recited pledge of allegiance, ‘…one Nation under God’ and restore its national identity.