Barefoot Walk for Orphans

Feb 14, 2003 01:56 PM EST

The AIDS Orphans and Street Children partners with Teen Missions International to assist the estimated 13 million orphans of Sub-Saharan Africa. This weekend, the organizations will hold a barefoot walkathon in Florida to raise money for their program in South Africa, which costs 2,500 dollars a month. Jacqui Bond with the AOSC said, We have built five of what we're calling orphan rescue units. We have 10 members of national staff that have been through the Teen Missions Bible School and their training. And, they reach out to these children. So, the children have somewhere to come to have their basic medical needs met. We also teach them how to garden and grow food for themselves." According to Bond, they're also sharing the Gospel with these young people. "We have Sunday school. We have, once a month, a Christian camp. The children will come in and they have like a little vacation Bible school if you like."

By Pauline C.