Domestic Mission Report

Feb 14, 2003 01:57 PM EST

Many Non Profit Groups Receive a Heavy Blow by the Suffering Economy. The projected recession harms NPGs in two ways: first, it harms their ability to raise money, and at the same time, it causes the demand for their services to expand. Ken Smitherman of the Association of Christian Schools International says they’ve been affected. "We're finding that, in general, giving to our international ministries division has been exactly commensurate with the decline in giving nationwide to charitable organizations. We're probably off about 25-percent." He says that they are trying to sustain their commitment to Christian Education despite their budget crunch. "What we've attempted to do, at least at this point, is to just bring a very significant tightening down, across the board, rather than withdrawing services or specific programs at this point." However, says Smitherman if the trend remains uunchanged, the lack of funds will affect the growth and continuation of some of their programs.

Habitat for Humanity Honors Former President Jimmy Carter By Putting up 35 Houses in His Name. As part of the Jimmy Carter Work Project, an annual event designed to provide homes for needy families, the HH will build the houses in one week. "People think that Habitat is just houses and that's it. But what I have seen in so many families is that children will do better in school. The parents will often time go back and go more education themselves, or a better paying job or a promotion." Dina Van Ekris is the Executive Director of Habitat in Calhoun County, Georgia. "It's just amazing to see that kind of reaction in people. We don't want people to stay where they are we want them to be able to go and do better and break any cycles that they have grown up in." This is the 20th year of the program and tens of thousands of volunteers have participated since its inception. HH works to express God’s love by housing for the homeless and impoverished.

EvangeCube Global Ministries Hosts a Strategic Evangelism Training Seminar in Dallas On March 15th, EvangeCube will lead an in-depth exercise on training and teaching the body of Christ to effectively share the Gospel. Their goal is to equip 10 million believers over the next 10 years, and to set them out with the goal of evangelizing 100 people each; then, there will be 1 billion people who can mobilize in the church.

By Pauline C.