The Bill Moyers Shopping Spree Day

Since one of our media elite is incipiently siding with the enemies of freedom in regard to the war in Iraq, since our democratic leaders don't have the moral courage speak the truth, Inauguration Day, Thursday, January 20th, 2005 is “Bill Moyers Shopping Spree Day" in America.

On “Bill Moyers Shopping Spree Day" those who oppose what the liberals say in our name about Iraq can speak up with a 24-hour spree of all forms of consumer spending. During "Bill Moyers Shopping Spree Day " please spend all the money you can. Buy you gasoline. Buy a month’s supply of necessities and add a few impulse purchases. Because the " Bill Moyers Shopping Spree Day is only for 24 hours.

On “Bill Moyers Shopping Spree Day," please shop Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target... Please go to the mall or the local convenience store. Please buy any kind of food you want (or a month or two of groceries for that matter). For 24 hours, please do what you can to shut the mouth of Al Frankin, Barbara Streinsand, and especially Bill Moyers.

The object is simple. Remind people that when liberals like Bill Moyers comes up with an idea like “Not One Damn Dime Day” to belittle our soldiers, mock our President, and call the war in Iraq illegal; it’s time to remind them, too, that they exercise their freedoms, even of stupid speech, because of the people and institutions they insult.

“Bill Moyers Shopping Spree Day" is about supporting the troops. Now 1,200 brave young Americans have died. The liberal elite owe our troops respect. There's no rally to attend. No marching to do. No left or right wing agenda to rant about. On "Bill Moyers Shopping Spree Day" you can take action by doing something.

You can close Bill Moyers’ mouth by keeping your wallet open. For 24 hours, spend what you can, and think of how pleasant shopping on January 20th will be when you look around at all the other shoppers knowing they join you in supporting America and our troops.

My recommendation to Bill Moyers; let’s make this an annual event—a sale, when patriotic stores can give one-day discounts knowing that their ideological enemies will not be shopping.

For one day there will be no rude idiots in the parking lot, and more families, more veterans, and more freedom loving Americans will be shopping.

Please share this email with as many people as possible. Tell the liberal elite that they do not speak for America!

Gary McCullough

Opinion submission