Nuclear Arms Tensions Raise Christian Persecution in North Korea

Feb 18, 2003 07:05 PM EST

North Korea’s breach of nuclear accords and the United State’s move to impose sanctions increase tensions between the two nations. With rising anti-American sentiments, Christians suffer for their link to the “Western” culture. “Open Doors” founder Brother Andrew says the situation could worsen for Christians. "I would say most of them are in prison camps, tens of thousands of Christians. Those we cannot reach, but we know of them, and regularly, Open Doors teams go there to gather information and to let them know we are praying and asking, 'what can we do for you?' in very concrete terms. Just enough liberty of conscience and in speech and maybe Christian education, Christian family. We don't need permission to build big churches and Christian radio, TV stations, I mean, that's way beyond what we should ask for...but [pray] that the church can function."

By Paulina C.