Venezuela and Honduras

Feb 18, 2003 07:06 PM EST

Venezuela’s seven-week-old strike cripples the country’s economy, mobility and ministry. The office of “Bible League,” an international bible studies ministry, stationed in Caracas has shortened its operation hours because of the problems in the country. One Bible League staff member who was attending evangelism-training classes was unable to return home for several of weeks because of the National fuel shortages. The violence between Chavez allies and enemies have left seven dead and many more injured; Chavez continues to refuse the oppositions’ demands for early elections.

“Operation Blessing” has recently donated a 20-foot container filled with medical supplies to the people of Honduras. The case, filled with basic health care items, general pain-relievers and antibiotics has been shipped to local medical professionals in the San Pedro Sula and the Cortes region. Operation Blessings strives to alleviate human suffering and poverty through the love of God.

By Paulina C.