India and Uzbekistan

Feb 25, 2003 07:38 PM EST

Gospel for Asia's India team was beaten again for sharing thier faith. John Beers with GFA says the incident, which happened in North-East India left one team member severely injured. "They began to beat the team. They grabbed the leader, a young man named Titus. They grabbed him by the scarf (and) began to strangle him. (They) beat him, punched him, kicked him until he fell unconscious. But, by God's grace one of the villagers who was a Christian took him to his house and tried to take care of him." According to Beers, the violence is common in India. "These are brothers. They're flesh and blood just like us. And, they have fears and they have difficulties and they have struggles, but by God's grace they've made the commitment to continue to go forward. In fact, some of our leaders in a meeting, they said, if it means martyrdom it's okay we're going to go. And so, they're continuing to go forward even in the midst of the threat."

The Educational Services International group was spared from the Uzbekistan government crackdown against Chrisitan groups. Jennifer Teske with ESI says, "The government sent out a notice that they were going to evaluate everyone's work there, and they were hinting that they were going to throw everyone out. The American government actually intervened on behalf of a lot of these Christian groups, and for now, we're still there, and hopefully that will continue, but we'll have to see what happens." Teske says while teaching skills to the Uzbek people are willing to hear the gospel. "They want to get to know you, they want to know what makes you tick, and so, they will spend time with you and it's a real time of fellowship. So, as you grow closer to these people then the door is opened for you to share that what makes you tick is the love of Christ."

By Paulina C.