Servant Events for Youth by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

Nov 08, 2002 03:00 AM EST

Since 1981, LCMS Youth Ministry has promoted servant opportunities for youth. Through the years, thousands of young people and adults have participated in these Servant Events. LCMS Districts, congregations, schools, universities, camps and Lutheran social service agencies have joint the Youth Ministry office as partners in Servant Event ministry. We give thanks to God for richly blessing this ministry!

A Servant Event is an experience that takes people out of their daily routine, encourages them to practice Christ's unconditional love, serves people in ways that enrich their lives and share their faith in practical ways. We pray your service for our Lord will be truly a blessed experience as you provide for the needs of God's people.

Scripture tells us that believers are the body of Christ. His continuing presence in the world. Through us, Christ continues to extend love, comfort, care and forgiveness to those in need. Because Christ lives in you, you are able to make a difference. You are His eyes, His ears, His hands, His feet here on earth!

Servant Events are . . .

. Opportunities for serving and being served in the way that Christ served us!

. Opportunities for Christian service by young people and adults.

. A great way to grow in understanding of God's call to service through worship, Bible study, work, reflection, and community building.

. A way to relate experiences of service to daily life and faith.

. A unique opportunity for people to experience new places, new people and a new culture.

. A way to take people out of their daily routines, encourage them to practice Christ's unconditional love, serve people in ways that enrich their lives, and share their faith in practical ways.

Why Take Part in Servant Events?

. Living out your life in response to God's love is the "way of life" called Christianity.

. Taking part in service activities and Servant Events provide people with an opportunity to live what they believe.

. God wants us to meet the needs of hurting people, but he also know service has the power to change us at our core! Service gets our eyes off ourselves and into the world.

. Service in the name and power of Jesus Christ does transform people and transformed people can change the world . . . one person at a time.

At a Servant Event, you have the satisfaction of doing something significant for others, all in the name of Jesus!.

A list of monthly service events can be downloaded from this url :

By Pauline J.