Biblical Games Offer Novel Witnessing Tools

Nov 23, 2002 03:00 AM EST

EL MONTE, Calif. – A California public school teacher offers a novel way for students to witness the events in the Bible. During lunch, 29 year-old math teacher Bryon Hake opens his Arroyo High School classroom to students wanting to play Christian collectable card games.

Hake believes that the Christian games,"Redemption,”"Solomon's Temple,"and"Settlers of Canaan"are great witnessing tools that offer a positive alternative to popular teenage card games like"Star Wars"and"Magic the Gathering."

"Because I'm a teacher, even during lunchtime there is a huge amount of limits on the things that I can say -- at school," Hake says. "But as far as them actually playing a game that's based on the Bible, it's not a 'preachy' thing -- that's perfectly fine.

"But we do have tournaments at our church every other month, and in those places I can be pretty much as free as I want [to speak]."

Since these Bible-related games are played strictly during lunch, Arroyo High's administration has no objections.

The teacher noted that most of the students who participate in the games are not born-again Christians.

"I've just seen these kids totally change as far as their attitude toward the Bible in general," he says. "Whereas before, they would think [the Bible is] boring, now they think [the Bible] is where all those really interesting characters [from the board games] are."

The Arroyo Campus Fellowship, the Christian club at the high-school sponsors the Bible board games.

By Pauline J.
[email protected]