Presenting the Life of Lottie Moon

Dec 24, 2002 05:47 PM EST

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The life of Lottie Moon is celebrated every December throughout the campus of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Cornelia Williams, wife of the dean of institutional assessment at school reinacts the life of the famous missionary to China, as she presents the life of Moon and her missions work.

The tour includes the presentation of Moon's life, as well as a chance to view the items that once belonged to moon, such as her glasses, recipe books, and Bible, all part of a collection of Moon's items belonging to the school.

Although student-let tours are available throughout the year, the "living illustration" version played by Williams is given for one week in December only.

Williams who has spent many years studying the life of Lottie Moon enjoys playing the role, remarking that the missionary possessed so many amazing qualities, both spiritual and mentally, that are well worth reenacting.

"I do quite a few characters but I must say that Lottie Moon is ideal," she said. "I would like to be like her. I have studied her life for so many years I feel like I know her.

"I'd like to have her godliness and intellect meshed together because that is a wonderful combination you don't see very often today. She knew several languages, including many different Chinese dialects and the biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek and was an incredible godly woman."

Lottie Moon is best known among Southern Baptists for the annual Christmas offering which had been gathered for decades during the month of December. The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions accounts for nearly 50 percent of the International Mission's annual budget.

Born in 1840 near Charlottesville, Va., Moon began serving as a missionary to China in 1873. She spent nearly 40 years in the country and helped found the Christmas offering in 1888. She died in Kobe, Japan, on Dec. 24, 1912.

By Paulina C.