Godman underway, Gridlock Continues Between InterVarsity and Rutgers

Feb 18, 2003 07:07 PM EST

“Book of Hope” ministries present a new way to share the Gospel. Rob Hoskins from Book of Hope says, “The project is called "Godman" and it's targeting the youth of the world. "'Godman', which is our animated Book of Hope, is 48 minutes of photo-realistic, 3D animation, just the latest technology coming out and it's bee two years in the process. And, it'll be completed in April 2003 and we're very excited about that." “Godman” will be used to reach illiterate children. "33-percent of the children in the world are illiterate. You have the preliterate where children's values are being formed at a younger and younger age and in many of these countries children aren't functionally literate until they're 9 or 10 years old. So, we really wanted to get something visual that presented the life of Christ in the simplest and powerful way possible." 300 thousand dollars are still needed to bring the project to completion.

The gridlock between InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and Rutgers University continues despite months of meetings. Last fall, Rutgers University suspended IV fellowship on the grounds that the chapter’s constitution violated anti-discrimination policies based on religion. In turn, IV fellowship filed a federal court complaint asking that Rutgers recognize the group.

By Paulina C.