Teens Challenge Missionary Work

Jun 20, 2003 03:43 PM EDT

Teens challenge a jungle obstacle course and train in difficult situation in order to prepare for Christian missionary work around the world, Florida Today reported on 13.

Bob Bland, Teen Missions co-founder, said those young people who want to do missionary works around the world are trained for the dangers they may face during the mission trips.

Teens challenging this program wear construction books and hats during their two weeks at boot camp. They try carpentry work, mixing concrete and making blocks to build churches and orphanages. After hard training they go overseas for six weeks and use the skills they learned to build churches, schools, orphanages and youth camps.

Chris Bell, who lead one of the Mission's youth groups, said "when people need many physical needs, it is very hard to tell them spiritual things. So we try to fulfil their physical needs as well as their spiritual needs.

"Boot camp is not easy. There's no concession or privilege stands. We try to live in the same condition as the actual place," said Bland.

Bell once helped building a church in a Cambodian village in 2001. After he got married his fiancee they both plan to go to Cambodia with Teen Missions and start an orphanage. "The experience I had in Cambodia taught me that I'm never too young to get involved in missions," he said.

Brady Riedel, 17 year old, has been a missionary for the past three years. His parents are also medical missionaries working in Peru. Riedel said when the boot camp is done he will help building an addition onto a church in Poland and he'll evangelize. He added that many teenagers are not interested in religion but he was thrilled when he joined Teen Missions camps.

"This camp really made people bond today and have deep relationships because we all have a common purpose and goal which is to serve Jesus and make people know His name."

By Young Sun Lee
[email protected]