From JoePix: Get the Picture

( [email protected] ) Oct 28, 2003 09:59 AM EST

One hundred and thirty college students from campuses across Nebraska participated in the JoePix outreach at the Nebraska vs. Penn. State game. The students took 1,547 photos over the course of a five-and-a-half hour period before kick-off. A typical Nebraska game draws over 76,000 people to Memorial Stadium. The JoePix coordinators estimate that at the very least, 6,188 people had their pictures taken by the student photo evangelists.

JoePix is an outreach where students go to an event and take free pictures of people. These pictures are taken on digital cameras and each picture is given an identification number. After the picture is taken, the photo evangelist gives the student an identification card for that picture. The picture can then be viewed at, where it can be downloaded or emailed to friends. The website also has links to the “Big Picture,” which shares the gospel and gives an opportunity to email the student photo evangelists.

After just one week, 49% of the photos taken during the Nebraska football game have been retrieved and this number will only climb during the coming weeks. There have been 2,035 unique individuals who have visited the site from Nebraska during this past week. The JoePix staff are seeing extensive site traffic of people reading articles as well as viewing the gospel presentation. At any given moment, there are between 10-15 people from Nebraska on the site.

The students also held a Joe Pix tailgate party on the University of Nebraska at Lincoln campus where 700 hotdogs were grilled and given away with notes encouraging students to check out the evangelistic website

The JoePix outreach was an incredible way for students from campuses around Nebraska to come together to reach out and share God’s love with people. Catalytic students raised money for the event through everything from carwashes to mowing lawns. God provided in incredible ways. By the morning of the event, the total raised came to $2700 and covered the cost of bringing Joe Pix to Nebraska!

It took a step of faith from students around Nebraska to believe that God could use them to impact thousands of fans for Jesus on a football Saturday in Lincoln. God proved Himself faithful and many lives were impacted, including the lives of the 130 student photo evangelists.