Religious Holidays Demolished From School Calendar in Florida

( [email protected] ) Nov 01, 2003 06:40 PM EST

Along with the calendar committee for Sarasota County Public Schools, Florida school district is putting their efforts to adopt an all-secular holiday calendar which will no longer have Good Friday as a holiday.

Years ago the Sarasota County School District already dropped all references to Christmas vacation, and instead they started calling “winter break."

This decision has caused much rage among the predominant Christians in the community.

Joseph Cirieco, who taught in the district for 34 years, is taking an action to fight for the idea of adopting secular calendar and came up with two conclusions what must be done. He is parliamentarian for the local teachers union.

"One, that the members -- some, if not all -- on the calendar committee have an agenda ... to eliminate religion from everything," Cirieco says, "or two, they showed -- to use the liberals' word -- complete 'insensitivity' to Christians.

"However, the Sarasota County School Board's position is that recognizing the Good Friday holiday is insensitive and this would only isolate other religions with no respect.

But Cirieco feels that, rather than following the anti-religious recommendations of the calendar committee, the board should set the neighboring school district as the center and follow.

"On their calendar, they are off on Good Friday," the pro-faith education leader says, "and it's written clearly and distinctly in the calendar, which is distributed to all the teachers and the students -- and it says there 'Good Friday.'"