School Board of Wyoming Rejects Alternatives to Evolution Theory

( [email protected] ) Nov 06, 2003 08:42 AM EST

Several pastors and parents in Worland, Wyoming turned in a proposal to promote teaching evolution as theory not scientific fact by allowing teachers to discuss the pros and cons of Darwin’s theories but their proposal was rejected by a Washakie County School Board vote of 5-2.

One of the board members Tom Ball explains that the reason why the proposal was not accepted is because of misinformation from teachers.

"It was the public school that fought it -- not so much the parents," he says, "but there was a small contingent that fought it, including two preachers."

Also some of the board members were frightened by a letter from the American Association of Atheists who strongly opposes the idea of presenting alternatives to Darwinian evolution. Ball says, "we received a threatening letter from the American Association of Atheists about a week before the board meeting, saying if we passed the policy on Darwinian evolution they would sue us and I think it frightened some of the board members."

Ball is hoping to make some necessary changes to ensure balanced approach to evolution theory without violating existing policies. As long as the other theories of origin could be supported with scientific evidence, alternative explanations can be taught in public schools.

Ball says, "which means intelligent design." Therefore the school board member says he intends to "try to hold them to that."

Currently the issue of teaching evolution as theory is also going on in Texas. Final decision will be made by the school board on Thursday, Nov. 6. This will have tremendous impact on how evolution is taught in schools across the nation.