New Middle Class Christian School Opens in Nicaragua

( [email protected] ) Nov 24, 2003 11:25 AM EST

Worldwide Christina Schools (WCS) just received an approval to establish a Christian school in Managua, Nicaragua, targeting Nicaragua’s growing middle class. The school is a joint effort with the Timothy Project and Project Nehemiah.

Worldwide Christian Schools is a Christian ministry that helps in the development of Christian schools which consciously and consistently integrate the teachings of the Word of God for all of life into their educational program believing that Lordship of Jesus Christ would influence the hearts and minds of students.

The school will serve students in kindergarten through the 9th grade under the supervision of Nicaragua’s National Christian Academy which will be built next spring ready to be open by late summer or early fall.

Steven Geurink of Worldwide Christian Schools explains the school's mission of reaching the middle class, and its unique approach to that goal.

"The school is more than just a Bible class every day. It looks at Christian education and the effect of the gospel in all areas of the curriculum," Geurink says, "and it looks to integrate the gospel of Christ in all areas of science, math, geography and so on."

The WWCS spokesman says the school's approach "is really quite a new concept" in the region's education system, but he believes it will definitely be effective as it brings Christian educational impact on middle class which is a specific segment of society.