CCC Invites You to Christian Conference: The Experience

( [email protected] ) Nov 28, 2003 10:15 AM EST

Campus Crusades for Christ (CCC) will be holding nationwide Christmas Conference: "The Experience" starting end of December through out beginning of January and February.

Every year, from San Diego to Washington DC, thousands of students gather in ten cities to learn more about God. In a big auditorium, students would gather screaming to praise God with the full worship band and listen to the sermon delivered by famous speakers such as John Piper and Heather Mercer. At the conference the students who wish to be the leaders will be trained how to effectively share gospel, lead a small group, and disciple other students.

What stands out during the conference is the Day of Outreach where students are given the opportunity to evangelize by sharing their faith. Some conferences partner with the Here’s Life Inner City ministry to distribute Boxes of Love, which is filled with holiday dinner, a New Testament, and other Christian materials. Each campus is encouraged to come up with their own unique evangelism idea for the day.

Cassie, a sophomore at the University of Minnesota, shares her own life-changing experience at Christmas Conference. She was one of the students who wouldn’t be interested in going to retreats. After CCC weekly meeting, she would head out to bars the next night. One day she heard about Christmas Conference and hesitantly accepted the invitation. With the support from her parents she was able to make it to the retreat. What changed her life was on the Day of Outreach – listening to one of the staff member’s testimony of her own struggle with faith, Cassie decided to change her life. Now she is living her life witnessing Christ to those who are living without Him.

Like Cassie, many students return from Christmas Conference forming closer relationship to God. They start to have bigger dream with Christ imagining how they can introduce Christ to others and help them to experience change just like they did.

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