Objection to Fuller Seminary's Interfaith Program

Southern Baptist leader contends that the God of Muslims is not the God of Christians
( [email protected] ) Dec 10, 2003 10:26 AM EST

A major Christian denomination is concerned over the interfaith program of Fuller Theological Seminary in California which is designed to ease strained relations with Muslim community.

John Revell of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention says it is impossible for evangelicals to be in agreement with Muslims because the doctrine of Islam denies the deity of Jesus Christ.

He asserts that Christians and Muslims do not believe in the same Almighty God. He pointed out the passage in the Koran Islam’s Jesus denying his own deity, which is the major objection to Christian belief. Christians believe Christ to be the self-acknowledged son of God.

"The Muslim belief not only eliminates the biblical teaching of the triune godhead; it adamantly denies the deity of Jesus Christ," Revell says. "So it's inconsistent for a group that identifies itself as evangelical to say we agree with Muslims that we worship the same god."

In addition, Revell commented that prohibiting proselytizing goes against the Christian tenet of the "Great Commission."

Fuller Theological Seminary in California is using a federal grant from the Department of Justice to launch a one-million-dollar interfaith program with Muslims. This program will focus on building the broken relationship between Christians and Muslim, helping Christians to gain deeper understanding of Muslims. The program's code of ethics restricts proselytizing for two years and affirms a mutual belief in one God.