Pro-family Student Group Ejected from Georgetown Campus

( [email protected] ) Dec 31, 2003 09:20 AM EST

A family values group was recently removed from a Catholic university for opposing homosexuality.

A Catholic group called the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. was collecting signatures for a petition protesting legalization of sodomy under the Supreme Court case of Lawrence v. Texas in a “free-speech zone” known as Red Square but the group was not welcomed by the school. It was removed from the campus for “grossly offensive and inflammatory” speech.

"People who promote the homosexual agenda on campus get livid when they see young men who are clean cut, [in a] coat and tie, very polite, collecting signatures on this," Preston Noell, director of TFP’s Office of Public Liaison, says. "Sometimes they lose it, as they did at Georgetown. That won't deter us. We'll continue our campaign, and we think we're being quite successful actually."

Georgetown's interim vice president of student affairs Todd Olsen removed two members of TFP from campus saying they were "spreading a message that was grossly offensive, and I view the removal as entirely appropriate."

Noell feels it is unusual of a school that promotes academic freedom, which even welcomed pornographer Larry Llynt, to not tolerate students’ action on the issue of homosexuality.

"This is quite unusual at an institution that supposedly is Catholic, run by the Jesuits, that a free and open debate on these issues is not tolerated," Noell says. "So, in our mind, the intolerance of those promoting the homosexual agenda at Georgetown is something that needs to be explored and called into question."

According to Agape Press, Noell says TFP is undeterred and will continue to spread its biblically-based message. The group is also engaged in a campaign to convince the U.S. Catholic bishops to have priests deliver Sunday homilies opposing homosexual marriage.