CCC Student Leads a Freshmen Group Full of Fresh Ideas

( [email protected] ) Jan 22, 2004 11:55 AM EST

A group of freshmen students at Southwest Missouri State University are implementing their ‘fresh’ ideas to enhance their walk of faith. “FROSH” is the name of one of the Campus Crusade for Christ staff member, Craig Hauquitz, leads at Southwest Missouri. FROSH stands for Fresh ideas, Real leadership growth, Opportunity to serve, See God move, and Have fun.

Just like what the name stands for, “FROSH” is full of new, unique ideas that could attract other students for prayer and other faith-related activities.

This group has already taken an interesting approach to gather students for prayer by using the idea of “Freshman Fifteen,” which is a saying that refers to gaining fifteen pounds during the first year in college. Every other week, the team comes up with a video on how freshmen can gain their fifteen, either by eating or by coming 15 minutes early to the weekly meeting to meet other freshmen and to pray specifically for each other.

Visit their website to view the videos: