Parents and Pro-family Groups Fight to Protect Children from Social Immorality

( [email protected] ) Jan 29, 2004 12:29 PM EST

According to Agape Press, parents along with California pro-family groups are fighting back against the bill signed by former Governor Gray Davis which not only allows schools to give sex surveys to students but also permits sex education in class.

Parents say the bill, SB 71, which allows exposing all kinds of sexual information to children as young as kindergarten, is morally inappropriate.

Executive director Randy Thomasson of the Campaign for California Families says the updated exemption form is a rescue for children in the state's public schools.

"Right now these children are virtually guaranteed to be taught to support abortions, safe-sex, condom usage, emergency contraceptives, homosexuality, bisexuality, and even transsexuality," Thomasson says. "Unless the parents intervene, junior citizens are going to get this material that affects their minds and bodies in deleterious ways."

Parents will sign student exemption form in opposition to have their children participate in classes and activities that would expose them to sexually-explicit information or morally-objectionable practices and ideas. "We're making sure that concerned parents get a tool to help them declare their parental rights and protect the eyes, ears, and hearts of their own children," Thomasson says.

Thomasson says the every parents should sign the form because "their children's precious minds need to be protected from the social engineers of the left who have taken over the government school system."

And attorney Scott Lively of the Pro-family Law Center notes that the updated form will allow more rights to parents in terms of their children’s education: “Parents have important rights under state and federal law regarding the education of their children," Lively says. "The Student Exemption Form puts schools on legal notice that these rights must be respected."

The form can be found on the Internet at the Campaign for California Families site, as well as on the websites of the Pro-Family Law Center, the Life Legal Defense Foundation, and the U.S. Justice Foundation.