Divinity School Prepares Students to Confront Evolution Theory

( [email protected] ) Feb 17, 2004 10:32 AM EST

INDIANA -- Master’s Divinity School in Indiana has launched a first biblical creation apologetics program in the world.

Now students can earn a degree in biblical creation apologetics at the bachelor’s level. It is known that master’s course is much more difficult but the school president says that both courses are very detailed

"This particular program is designed to prepare the pastor, the school administrator, the Christian school teacher, or just the layman, who wants to become a thoroughly trained apologist for biblical creation," School president, Dr. Dennis Frey said.

Frey feels it is necessary to have such program so that Christians can be informed about the truth concerning origin of life theories. He said the program will prepare students to confront evolution with practical, Bible-based, and scientifically defensible evidence supporting the Genesis account of creation.

"Specifically, we feel that particular program is so important because this is a neglected discipline in Bible colleges and seminaries, “ he said.

"I know the negative consequences of the teaching of evolution in our society are not insignificant. They're very significant," Frey continued. "They're tied back to the holocaust of abortion, and so many of our social ills in today's world have some indirect or very direct link back to the teaching of evolution."

With its growing number of students, Master's Divinity School will celebrate its fifth anniversary in March.