Baylor University President Reprimands Student Reporters

( [email protected] ) Mar 04, 2004 09:06 PM EST

In response to a scathing editorial defending same-sex marriage, University President formally expressed considerable outrage over what he called an abomination to “fundamental Christian principles.” The editorial was posted last Friday, February 27, in the university student newspaper the Baylor Lariat. The editorial had supported the San Francisco City lawsuit that was directed at the California state government’s declaration that marriage had to be protected as union between solely man and woman.

The Student Board publication of Baylor University agreed that the editorial published last week clearly violated the Student Handbook as well as the university policy. According to the Student Public Policy, "since Baylor University was established and is still supported by Texas Baptists to conduct a program of higher education in a Christian context, no editorial stance of Student Publications should attack the basic tenets of Christian theology or of Christian morality." The board concluded that the Lariat staff needed to review the guidelines set by the board to “avoid this error in the future.”

In a March 2 statement, Sloan assured parents, faculty, and students, that the editorial in no way a reflected the atmosphere within the student body, faculty, administration, and staff. Sloan also said that he sympathized with many parents, students, and alumni outrage over the editorial.

Despite considerable outrage expressed by several Baptist groups as well as elements of the school community, paper’s editor Lacy Elwood still expressed no regret in posting the editorial. “We, The Lariat editorial board, stand by our decision to address an issue at the forefront of national public debate. The editorial board's opinions reflect the views of the majority of its members, not necessarily those of the Baylor community,” she said.

As of this date, Sloan has decided not to take disciplinary action against the students responsible for posting the article.