Campbell University Student Offers Gripping Testimony in New Book

( [email protected] ) Mar 05, 2004 02:16 PM EST

Soon to be published “Wooded Sanctuary” gives an autographic account of author Dylan Steven’s spiritual and physical journey — from living in an abusive household to attending university. In his novel, Dylan testifies to how much God had helped to lead him out of his abusive household to a new life at Campbell University.

The story that Steven tells in this new novel is nothing less than disturbing. Born to a prominent minister, Steven’s family seemed distinguished. But the pious image of the family hid the fact that Steven’s father often abused the children of the household. Despite cries for help, Steven’s peers and fellow church members did not believe his shocking stories. In one instance when he tried to run away, his father locked him in a shed for a couple of days. If he was not paying attention during message, he would be beaten after church. At 15, Steven ran away from home and survived on his own.

Eventually Steven survived living with friends or on the streets, working odd jobs and eventually going to junior college before coming to university. Steven admits that he didn’t get to sleep in a real bed until he came to Campbell University.

At first Steven did not want to acknowledge that God had led him even in these hard times, and felt that perhaps God had forsaken him. But through his difficult journeys, Steven writes, he had come to realize how much God had been with him through difficult times and hardships.

The book is currently available for sale online at Iuniverse ( The book will soon be for sale at Barnes and Nobles and various bookstores as well.