California School Board Members Refuse to Adopt Anti-discimination Policy

California school board is refusing to implement a new anti-discrimination policy that allows students and staff to redefine their gender.
( [email protected] ) Mar 26, 2004 02:47 PM EST

Refusal to adopt the policy granting special protective status to transsexuals and others confused about their gender can withdraw millions of dollars in state and federal funding to more than seventeen schools in the Westminster School District in Orange County.

Despite threats and persecutions from parents to board members, three of the district's five board members are standing firm and saying no to include the word "sex" which will redefine the word "gender" to further the homosexual agenda.

"If you put the word 'sex' in, then people who want to act cute at school, or have a sex-identity crisis that day, will be protected under the new policy -- if we adopted it. Then we'd have lawsuits by parents when their kids are traumatized, and boys want to come in and peek into girls' bathrooms. We're just headed down a slippery slope if we include this word," Trustee Ahrens, a Christian, says.

According to Westminster School District officials, Bank of America has already refused to extend a $16 million loan to the district. Although the district is having to deal with some consequences as a result of its refusal to offer special protection for transsexual, Ahrens and the two other board members insist that the change is simply not necessary and they do not intend to let it happen.

A meeting scheduled for next Thursday had to be relocated because of the publicity the policy debate has generated.

"Gender means female or male, boy or girl and we don't have to change the connotation. Now, the state is very subtle in sneaking in -- saying 'Well, it can mean biological or perceived sex.', "Ahren says as she has been praying for her fellow board members, that they will not comply with outside pressure from the California Department of Education and pro-homosexual activists.