Bethel Seminary Offers New InMinistry Master of Arts in Christian Thought

Bethel Seminary offers an InMinistry degree program, the Master of Arts in Christian Thought (M.A.C.T.), which enables students to study while continuing in their ministries.
( [email protected] ) May 05, 2004 08:43 AM EDT

The Master of Arts in Christian Thought has been the Bethel's traditional day school offerings. The program is an integration of work in philosophy of religion with related study in theology, history, and Bible.

The M.A.C.T. attends to the worldview questions such as God's being, the problem of evil, human destiny, and issues for Christian thinkers such as science and faith, theories of knowledge, and the Bible's trustworthiness.

In the M.A.C.T. philosophy, program "Dialogical apologetics" encourages students to practice communicating the Christian worldview with persuasive clarity and logical rigor. Also, the faculty encourages the students to dialogically express their faith in the context of respectful personal relationship.

Bethel now offers a new InMinistry M.A.C.T., which students can earn without leaving home and disrupting their current ministries through a combination of Internet-mediated distance education and on-campus intensives. All courses entail active use of distance technologies, promoting regular online dialogue between students and faculty.

The Association of Theological Schools, an accrediting body, recognized the program as one of the nation's best examples of distance learning.

Currently more than 300 InMinistry students are pursuing Bethel's other distributed delivery degree programs, including the Master of Divinity, the Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership, and the Master of Arts in Children's and Family Ministry.