Luther Seminary Holds Kickoff Event for Called & Sent Capital Campaign

( [email protected] ) May 25, 2004 07:31 AM EDT

Luther Seminary held its kickoff event for Called & Sent capital campaign on May 14th to open the door for people to support the mission of Luther Seminary. Starting from September 26, Luther Seminary will host several events around the country to welcome people into the mission of the seminary as part of the Called and Sent campaign. Called & Sent encourages people partake in building healthy community. It would help them to discover how they could help world mission, provide opportunity to meet next generation of the church’s leaders, introduce how Luther Seminary equips leaders.

Following is the list of event dates and locations:

Twin Cities

Sept. 26, 2004


Oct. 2004

Portland, OR

Nov. 2004

Seattle and Tacoma

Nov. 2004

Naples, FL

Jan. 2005


Feb. 2005

San Diego

March 2005


April 2005

Sioux Falls

April 2005

Eau Claire

May 2005