Third Annual Proclamation Evangelism eSchool Hosted at Billy Graham Center

( [email protected] ) Jun 14, 2004 12:17 PM EDT

The five-day annual Proclamation Evangelism eSchool, titled "Prepare, Proclaim, Disciples," began at Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, on June 12.

The Evangelism Conference is held every year to educate the participants with proclamation evangelism through interactive forum, evangelistic services, workshops, encouragement and networking.

“More than just hearing about proclamation evangelism, every participant will see and do it,” Wheaton College official said about the conference.

Featured Speakers are Steve Douglass, Campus Crusade for Christ Int’l president, Joyce Meyer, author, Loren Cunningham, Youth with a Mission founder, and others.

Interactive forum of evangelism training is scheduled to be provided by co-hosts Lon Allison, director of the Billy Graham Center, and Mark Anderson, international director of Youth with a Mission Campaigns.

All participants traveled to Prison Ministries Outreach to preach and proclaim the gospel on Sunday afternoon, June 13.