Fuller Holds 55th Commencement

( [email protected] ) Jun 17, 2004 09:48 PM EDT

CALIFORNIA -- Approximately 700 men and women received master’s or doctoral degrees this year from Fuller Theological Seminary, the largest multidenominational seminary in the world, with nearly 5,000 students from 70 countries and more than 100 denominations. This year was the 55th annual commencement ceremony of Fuller and about 425 graduates attended the ceremony on June 12, which took place at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena in the presence of 4,000 family members and friends of the graduates. Eight alumni of the class of 1954 also participated in the ceremony.

“Many people have said it, and I agree: Fuller's commencement service is the highlight of the seminary year,” commented Dr. Richard Mouw, president of Fuller, “Hundreds of men and women receiving their degrees in theology, psychology and intercultural studies, in order to promote the cause of the gospel around the world—this is what Fuller is all about!”

“Today is a great day of celebration,” said Claudia Landau, who was awarded a Master of Arts in Theology and is going on to work as a chaplain intern. “My time at Fuller was tremendous and challenging, but now it’s time to launch into ministry!”

“I don’t think of this as the end of my education but the beginning,” said graduate Lawrence Liu, who has earned his Master of Divinity, “Fuller has given me the tools that will enable me to continue learning and growing.” Liu is moving to China to minister.