Westminster Hosts Seminar on China Missions

( [email protected] ) Jun 18, 2004 10:43 PM EDT

Westminster Theological Seminary offered an opportunity for students and church leaders who are interested in expanding mission in China to be acquainted with the issues that are affecting China missions by hosting a seminar by China Ministries International (CMI), June 4-5.

The seminar was held on Glenside, Pennsylvania campus with the theme “Urbanization and the Chinese Church” drawing about 50 people.

Several issues were addressed at the seminar, with its main focus on the need of strong church community in respond to psychological and spiritual problems that are rising due to land displacement. Westminster reported that the seminar demonstrated how for many nations, urbanization is a natural process of increased production efficiency, but China has a more fundamental reason for rechanneling the 130 million surplus rural work force. The seminar also addressed the importance of promoting spiritual friendship for the Chinese to cope urban life.

The seminar included a special feature, which compared China urban mission with urban ministries in other social contexts, including ministries among Muslims, North American Mainlanders, and new immigrants in the local Philadelphia area.

CMI will hold a follow-up seminar in March 2005.